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The Cairns Esplanade, in Tropical North Queensland, Australia, has been a focal point for locals and visitors in Cairns city since the region was founded in the late 1800s. It is a recreational area for people from all walks of life — backpackers travelling around Australia, visitors looking for a beautiful view during an early evening dinner, couples having an early morning jog, teenagers using the skateboard ramp, CBD workers resting on the grass for lunch, and countless more.

If you're visiting our beautiful city of Cairns, take a look at the range of accommodation on the Esplanade. For a spot along the Cairns Esplanade to eat, check out the restaurants. To learn about Esplanade activities and upcoming events, check out activities. To find out more about the Cairns Esplanade and its history, read about the Cairns Esplanade story.

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